Launching ProPen Sports- A lifestyle brand.

We’ve spent years perfecting exceptional products, creating lasting partnerships and pioneering a new narrative in the industry. Welcome to Propen Sports, a lifestyle brand honoring health, fitness and plant-based medicine. 


We’ve been professionals for over a decade, and took the initiative to create the industry standard we wanted to see ourselves– delivering certifiable, 100% clean medicine and changing the way we collectively talk about its use in athletics. After years of feedback, numerous partnerships*, and dozens of accolades and awards**, we consider ourselves to be the new industry standard, and we strive to set the bar higher for ourselves year after year. 


Propen Sports is changing the narrative about medicinal users. Our ethos prioritizes clean, active living first and foremost, and providing the superior products to foster that lifestyle second. We’ve seen some of the most decorated athletes in the world speak about their use of plant-based medicine, and want the rest of the world to understand that using medicine does not preclude having a healthy lifestyle, but can instead support it. We strive to see our brand adopted by health-conscious users and athletes who understand the benefits of clean, lab-tested medicine and who want others to experience the same. Whether you’re an active, individual medicinal user or an industry professional that values our purpose, we have a place for you with Propen Sports, and can’t wait to see how our mission serves you. 



*Affiliate Brands/Collaborative Releases: Zen Extracts, Puff Sauce, Lavender Boys, Pearl Pharma, The Humboldt Cure, Slactavis, HD Extracts, Dabchelada, e-zone

**Awards: 2017: Kushstock, 1st place. 2018: Friday Night Sesh, 3rd place. 2019: High Times, 1st place. Kushstock, 1st place. 2021: awarded ‘Best BHO’, ‘Best Edible’, ‘Best Flower’. ‘Best Vape’. 2022: awarded ‘Best BHO’, ‘Best Vape’, ‘Best Live Resin Vape’.